Tuesday, November 17, 2009

History Day At The Jeffers Petroglyphs

Another great day out at the Petroglyphs. The boys really enjoy going to these and they got to see and do some really neat things yesterday. Even if we did have to leave early and didn't get to make an arrowhead! The picture above is Jack, Jack, and Clay watching a short movie together in a viewing room they have.

Jack made some Tipi's :)

And the boys got to help assemble a tipi of their own. Clay helped work out some knots in the string holding the poles together.

Then they sorted out the poles.
Next the group worked together to lay out the canvas (would have been an animal hide long ago).
Victoria got the honors of raising the center poles, she did a mighty fine job!
Then they all got a chance to help put up more poles for support. Jack and Jack worked together here, but obviously my Jack petered out there at the end haha!
After all the poles were in place, they got to put up the canvas.
This is the last pic I got before we went back inside. It was neat and I'm glad the kids got the experience to see what it was like to do it. Shocking how fast and how often they did this years ago. And they were SO much larger too.

I think I liked the history of the winter count the best. It was something totally new to me and very interesting to learn about. A winter count is a pictorial history that the Dakota kept. One person was in charge of the history (basically) and they would pick a symbol to represent each year. Something that everyone would remember. Some of the events we talked about were the tribe getting small pox, a solar eclipse, a meteor shower, and so forth. Each year ran from the first snowfall to first snowfall.

The boys then were able to make their own drawing of something important that has happened in their lives. Jack drew of picture of him with his 2 teeth missing and him holding some cats. Because this was the year he lost his first teeth and the first time we have owned cats.
Clay drew a, um, chicken. Yeah, it looked exactly like a chicken. Haha. He did work very hard on it, I shouldn't joke.
Oliver and Alex also got to play a Native American game together. As best as 2 year olds can. It was very cute to see them interacting and playing so well together. They knew exactly what they were supposed to do.....we just have about 2 more years until their motor skills catch up :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Remember the top picture? I gave it as a heads up in my weekly wrap up post. You'll find out what it's all about at the end of the post!

Here are some more pictures from the Kirby Science Center. I took even more than this, terrible I know! We were lucky to basically have the place to ourselves. We went on a school day (Mic had no school that day) and saw only a few other families. There were some school classes there periodically, but we never saw much of them. Because we were there by ourselves, you tend to get some extra special treatment. This kid was nice enough to help show the boys around. He came in handy when it came to the station that had all the electrical equipment on it. I'm not very knowledgeable there, but he made up for what I lacked!

He also took out the hognosed snake for the boys to pet and hold. Oliver loved this!
We also went to there cinedome and watched Dinosaurs Alive! We missed the last ten minutes because the boys got antsy. We took tickets for the 12noon show. What was I thinking!? They were famished by the time we left at 12:40. Heck, even I was whining about how hungry I was lol!

They did find the seating kind of spooky. It looks like a straight drop, here Mic is pretending that he is falling. Which is totally in line with his character. He's all about anything that will rake in the shock value.
There were wheelchair racers.
climbing walls, race tracks, stationary bikes, dance games and a few other activities in the motion area. I definelty worked up a sweat myself!!
And this was the highlight of the day for the boys. They asked nicely for $2 to try out the tornado simulator. I can't remember how high the wind got in there, I'm thinking 70 mph? But I could be wrong. They really really enjoyed it. Except for Oliver that is lol! Sorry it is sideways!


But there you have our school day for Friday The 13th! Perfect day for a trip hahaha!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kirby Science Center: Take One!

The closest hands on science center is a little over an hour away. It pains me to admit that this is the first time we have went to this one. What a shame, because the kids had a blast. We bought a year long membership and will have to make it back a few more times this year. Which is what I'm hoping for. The boys have been begging ever since we got home to go back again. I feel bad for not bringing them sooner, but unfortunately I take the boys on these trips by myself 95% of the time and I'm only one person that can take on so much. Now that they are getting older, it's becoming much easier :)

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Most of them anyways :)

Jack loved filling the hot air balloon and watching it rise to the second floor!

And Oliver loved putting the foam shapes on the air tube to see which ones would stay in the air.

Mic lighting up light bulbs with his man muscles. He had a very hard time with the 50 watt bulb, heck I even found it to be a lot of work!Making space stations (can you tell the air and space floor was a hit!?).
Landing a space shuttle. None of my children should ever attempt this in real life. The results would be horrific.

Stan The T Rex

Dino Dig :)

Cool tornado thing
Just had to throw this one in there, thought it was cute haha!

I'll post more tomorrow. I have lots more pics but right now there are 3 loads of laundry calling my name!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up : Getting Late :)

Okay, it's getting late in the week and another is about to begin :) I really can not believe we are so close to Thanksgiving. I can't wait :) I ordered, from the library, a ton of books on Pilgrims and their lives, the Mayflower, Wampanoag Indians, and other general Thanksgiving History and that will be our focus this week and next. I was able to print out some great word finds, story builders, coloring pictures, crafts, and other fun activities to supplements all the great books we found so it should all be good and fun :)

So, to make this short and sweet here are some highlights of the week :)
Thanksgiving word finds, coloring, and mazes.

Some lite reading, with our feet!

Mastered that bike riding. Short legs can make it quite difficult! He's pretty proud now :)

Coraline in 3D lol :)

Pilgrim door hangers colored, cut, pasted, and hung!

Veteran's Day program at Mic's school :)

Trip to the science museum (more to come on this!!)

Birthday party with the cousins. They have been over a lot this week.

So that is the short of it. Even though it was a long week with things planned every day. Jack and Mic also did an after school program at the school put on through 4-H. Mic had his conferences and got his first set of grades for the school year. He's doing pretty good, but struggles in history. Not from his lack of knowledge, more so on his lack of decent test taking. Which is sad to watch, the kids loves history and knows more about it than me. But, what do you do?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up, Just Keep Plugging Away :)

This week wasn't too busy, but it was productive. Jack continues to plow his way through chapter books and is on the 6th MTH books. He's also read a few other chapter books we have. Right now, since we have misplaced the 6th MTH book (he's on chapter 7 too), he is reading a book on silly laws for each state. He laws and giggles each time he reads it. Which is my favorite part of watching him become a better reader.............is the pleasure it brings him. I am getting slighlty frustrated with the misplacment of books. It's becoming a chronic problem. He reads where ever it is quiet and doesn't always remember to bring it back to our schoolroom. So he's finish 1/3 of the book at a sitting, then misplace it for 3 days, then finish another 1/3, then misplace for another 2 days, then find it and finish it. This particular book, has been MIA for 3 days now.

We also finished up a few read aloud books that we really needed to get done. As much as I always aim to read from these every night, sometimes we end up reading other things instead. Which is fine. We finished up Bunnicula, Kermit The Hermit, and The Mummy Research Guide.

We are waiting on some books to arrive, such as The Twits, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Miraculous Journy of Edward Tulane, The Mouse and The Motorcycle, and I think I'll put in an order to get some $1 books off Scholastic. I rent all of our other books from the library that we use for school.......but for some reason I do like to own the chapter books we use for read a louds. Mostly because I want the kids to be able to go back and reread any of them at any time they like. Mic has went back and reread certain books many times. I love that. Anyways, on with our week :)

We finally got back into our Story Of The World again and the boys really enjoyed learning all about mummies and pyramids. Clay is coloring a picture of the Sphinx above while I read aloud to them. This works SO well for us.
Oliver and Jack enjoyed using up the rest of the Halloween face paints, hahahaha. Jack still has green spots left on his face.

He also started his Spelling Workout book a few weeks ago. He had his first official spelling test last week and aced it. He really likes playing on www.spellingcity.com for extra fun practice.
Since it was SO beautiful this week, we also spent a lot of extra time outdoors on the 4-wheeler, with the chickens, or at the park. Also Chad is in the field combining corn. Which means LOTS of tractor rides lately. Oliver last 3 hours out there the other day. Mighty impressive for a 2 year old!

Then of course, there was more of this. Mic took apart a very old satelitte reciever. He even dusted the thing out haha.

While Jack took great pride in taking apart a broken CD player. He was surprised to see a small motor inside of it :)

Friday we got about 2 weeks of socialization in and no school work done haha. During the day I filled in a for a friend while she went to a doctors appointment. She does daycare and there were 11 kids there total while we were there. Crazy.

After that, my brother dropped off 2 of his 3 kids for the night. They stayed til about 10:30pm until he got off work. They had a blast playing and were so very well behaved.

Alicia and Daryl also stopped by that same afternoon and dropped off 2 huge bags of apples and the kids all did their things together. Mic, Anna, and Victoria checked on the chickens and ran around outside. Jack and Jack camped out playing computer games, and everyone else just went from here and there and had a great time :)

So, it was another great week. I really can't complain. The weather is supposed to continue being great for the next week. I really hope so because it's GREAT to have your windows open and your furnace off in November.

So, for more weekly wrap ups, head on over to Kris's site!!