Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roll-A-Die Monsters

Isn't he cute? That is my monster haha :) We got this idea from the book Early Learning Skill Builders by Mary Tomczyk and decided it would be a fun activity for everyone. I got the book from the www.christianbook.com for a great price if your interested.

All you need is a die, crayons, and paper. The concept is simple. You first draw your body of your monster. Then you roll you die for the number of eyes, legs, arms, teeth, ears, antenna, or whatever else you choice to have on your monster.

Jack rolled a 4 here for 4 legs, he really enjoyed this activity and made a few monsters.

Clay got in on it too and did a great job! He needs a little work on his name I see haha!

And this is a much funner activity when you close your eyes for the camera when you get your picture taken. Just a FYI.


Country Girl said...

Sounds fun I'll share that one with my kiddos. I'm working on a post right now and I've mentioned you and your dilly beans....they were soooooo good!

warren said...

Cool idea!

Betsy said...

That is a wonderful idea!!!

Erica said...

Yeah, they loved it haha. Have been doing it every day also lol!